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Mental Health/Whole Child

  1. Having served as a dedicated educator within the Gwinnett County Public Schools, specifically within the Dacula Cluster, both prior to, during, and post-pandemic, I possess a profound understanding of the myriad challenges confronting students, parents, families, teachers, and educational leaders alike.

  2. Over a decade ago, a tragic event unfolded just across the street from where I taught 5th and 6th graders, an individual fired a weapon taking the life of another individual. It was then that I realized the profound impact of trauma on young students But trauma doesn't discriminate; teachers carry their burdens too. For example, in a single academic school year --2021-2022-- I buried both my mother and sister, yet I showed up for my students. I vow to prioritize mental health supports for students and educators alike.

  3. It is imperative that our students and teachers receive comprehensive support, including access to licensed professional counselors, social workers, and school counselors, alongside forging collaborative partnerships with local organizations.

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