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Public Education Funding

  1. During the 2018 Georgia General Assembly, I leveraged my firsthand experience as a classroom teacher, along with thorough analysis of data and research, including the QBE (Quality Basic Education Act) formula. Collaborating with Georgia lawmakers and education leaders, I successfully advocated for an additional $80 million to be allocated to underfunded public schools throughout the state. This infusion of funds enabled these schools to address issues such as large class sizes, the hiring of certified school counselors, and the recruitment of highly qualified special education teachers.


  2. While some argue for bypassing an equity audit due to time and resource constraints, favoring direct school principal involvement, I firmly believe that with a $3 billion dollar budget, equity data is crucial for equitable distribution of resources. Gwinnett County has a very diverse student body, encompassing various social and cultural backgrounds.

    As a school board member, a key responsibility is to oversee and maintain the budget effectively. It is crucial to ensure that each school receives the resources necessary for optimal functioning. For instance, one cluster school may have a diverse migrant student population, and may require more English Language Learner (ELL) support; another a higher special education student population when compared to other schools or clusters within the district. We must prioritize allocating resources based on the unique needs of each school to ensure they can meet the needs of their students effectively.


  3. My background in law equips me with the ability to scrutinize funding statutes, many of which are vastly underutilized. By tapping into these resources, we can better meet the diverse needs of students, including those who are homeless, migrant, have disabilities, or economically disadvantaged. Additionally, attention can be directed towards supporting students transitioning from foster care to college or career paths, as well as addressing transportation challenges.

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